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Recently some French guys have closed their database
to be able to exclude "certain persons" from using it.
How frustrated must one be to do a thing like that --
it is so utterly against the rules of the internet.
However, the French only discovered the internet like six months ago,
so what do they know anyway?
Click here to go to the Breeders' Tools. Lots of information and database.
by Jack Vanderwyk
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Last update November, 2008 
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Abbeystead Heron's Court (m) 
Abonny of Joe Batt's Arm (f)  
Air Express (m)  
Alby Twink (m) 
Allegheny's Twilight (f) 
Another Storm of Misty Dreams 
Antonine Alliance (f) 
Ardmargha Mat Hatter (m)  
Arnold of Clay Diggers (m) 
Aroscas Happy Sea Lion (m) 
Arthur, King of Joe Batt's Arm (m) 
Ashton's Sweet Sue (f) 
Attikonak Cowboy In A Coupe DeVille (m) 
Badgery Richard (m) 
Ballyduff Marina (f)  
Ballyduff Marketeer (m) 
Ballyduff Marshall (m)  
Ballyduff Sunflower (f) 
Ballykissangel of Joe Batt's Arm (f) 
Balnova Miss Tickle (f) 
Balnova Sultan (m) 
Balrion King Frost (m) 
Balrion Royal Mischief of Rodarbal (f) 
Banchory Bolo (m) 
Bandit of Sweet Eyes (m) 
Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye (m) 
Baron of Joe Batt's Arm (m) 
Beaumont of Joe Batt's Arm (f) 
Beechcroft's Danish Skydiver 
Bensondale Playboy (m) 
Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway (m) 
Big Sky's Stone Kutter (m) 
Blackamoor's Bear at Bigfoot (m) 
Black Eagle of Mansergh (m) 
Blondella Morning Dew of Bothorn (f) 
Blondella Sam-son (m) 
Blues Singer at Brigburn (f) 
Boothgates Headliner (m) 
Boothgates Heard The News About Donalbain (m) 
Boothgates Here Is The News About Donalbain (f) 
Boothgates It's Showtime (m) 
Boothgates Kountry Kraft 
Boothgates Kountry Kurio (f) 
Boothgates Miz Showbusiness (f) 
Boothgates The Show Must Go On (m) 
Bradking Cassidy (m) 
Bradking Rangeways Mr. Chips (m) 
Brandhams Hot Choice For Oulsmi (f) 
Brandhams Make Me A Star For Oulsmi (m) 
Brandhams Show Stopper (m) 
Brandlesholme Birthday Boy (m) 
Brian's Black Magnum (m) 
Brigburn Zenny (m) 
Brigglebank Black Pearl (f) 
British Justice (m) 
Brown Sarah of Joe Batt's Arm (f) 
Buray Freawine van Canis Frisiae (f) 
Cadbury of Joe Batt's Arm (m) 
Cambremer Copy Cat (f) 
Cambremer Bravo Of Silronray (m) 
Cambremer Royal Musician (m) 
Cambremer Tom Cobblay of Charway (m) 
Cambremer Tom Sawyer (m) 
Cannonridge Jackdaw (m) 
Captain Kirk of Rangeways (m) 
Carpenny Walpole (m) 
Carromer Carmen Miranda (f) 
Carromer Cream On Top (m) 
Carromer Sugar Almond (f) 
Cassandra of Joe Batt's Arm (f) 
Chafern Court Star of Fabracken (m) 
Chafern Covergirl of Fabracken (f) 
Charway Ballylace (f) 
Charway Ballywilwill (m) 
Charway Mattie Brown (m) 
Charway Simona (f) 
Clarebonny of Joe Batt's Arm (f) 
Copperquest Stormy Knight (m) 
Copsehill Moonlight Classique (m) 
Cotton del Gotha 
Croftspa Chinatea (f) 
Csaba of the Pyramid Woodstack (m) 
Darrygine Fancy Dancer (m) 
Darwin (m) 
Dawg at Ladysmiths of Tintagel Winds (m) 
Daydreamer van de Peppelenbosch (f) 
Dempsey Delight van 't Piramidehuis (m) 
Devonshire Time For Mia (f) 
Dickendall Aha (f) 
Dickendall Arnold (m) 
Donalbain Bertram (m) 
Donalbain Britannia (f) 
Donalbain Desdemona (f) 
Donalbain Diana (f) 
Donalbain Dior (m) 
Donalbain MacDuff (m) 
Donalbain Moth (m) 
Donalbain Mustardseed (f) 
Donalbain Private Dancer (f) 
Donalbain Royal Navy (m) 
Donalbain Shadow (m) 
Donalbain Suede (m) 
Drinka Pinta Milka Day of Tintagel Winds (m) 


Emsal Old Master of Mardas (m) 


Fabracken Comedy Star (m) 
Fabracken Dancing Shadow (f) 
Fabracken Hello Sunshine (f) 
Fabracken Meadow Mint (f) 
Fabracken Ocean Breeze (f) 
Fairywood's Acer (f) 
Fairywood's Kachou (f) 
Fairywood's L'Etoile St Sylvestre (f) 
Fairywood's Xanadu 
Faithful Jamie van 't Meijelicht (f)_ 
Farbourne's Calendar Girl (f) 
Farbourne's Daydream (f) 
Farbourne's Endless Love (m) 
Farbourne's Game Set And Match (f) 
Farbourne's Hole In One (f) 
Farbourne's Once Upon A Time (f) 
Farbourne's Out Of The Blue (f) 
Farbourne's Prime Time (m) 
Farbourne's Royal Rose (f) 
Farbourne's Tiebreak (f) 
Farbourne's Touchdown (m) 
Farmacy Othello of Donalbain (m) 
Fieldvalley's Din Kopia (f) 
Flander's Pride Aristocrat (m) 
Flander's Pride Vivaldi (m) 
Flander's Pride Xclusif (m) 
Fogel Hlara East Chester (m) 
Fogel Hlara Francis (f) 
Fogel Hlara Quadroon (f) 
Follytower Merrybrook Black Stormer (m) 
Foxrush Cascade (f) 
Foxrush Word Games (m) 
French-Vanila A Lot To B Tnkful For (f) 
Gadvikens Dino (m) 
Galleywood Shot (m) 
Gator Points Meg-A-Sport (m) 
General of Garshangan (m) 
Gorgeous George (m) 
Grace (f) 
Guideline's Chin Wagger (f) 
Guideline's Copyright (m) 

Harrowdown Ruby of Charway (f) 
Hawksmoors Webster (m) 
Hiwood Mike (m) 
Holdgate Willie (m) 
Holton Baron (m) 

Jayncourt Ajoco Justice (m) 
Jarlshof Royal Flush (f) 
Jazz Mail Order Madge (f) 
Joe Batt's Arm C-litter 2008 
Joe Batt's Arm D-litter 2009 
Junicott Hamlet of Donalbain (m) 
Junior Bart van de Peppelenbosch (m) 
Kareldis Velvet Brown of Mardas (f) 
Keysun Krispin of Blondella (m) 
Keysun Teko of Blondella (m) 
Knaith Banjo (m) 
Kupros Gallahad (m) 
Kupros Kirsch (f) 
Kupros Lucifer (m) 
Kupros MacDuff At Zanys (m) 
Kupros Master Mariner (m) 

Lab Treasure's Dario (m) 
Lakemeadow Knight's Gift of Mardas (f) 
Lapema Leo of Sandylands (m) 
Larkvalley Understudy (m) 
Lawnwoods Fame and Fortune (m) 
Lawnwoods Hot Chocolate (m) 
Lawnwoods Hurry Scurry (f) 
Lawnwoods Legend (m) 
Lawnwoods Midnight Folly (m) 
Lejie Blues Singer (f) 
Lejie It's Wicked of Mardas (f) 
Lejie Madeline (f) 
Licithas Rondo (m) 
Lindall Marcus At Donalbain (m) 
Lindall Mastercraft (m) 
Lindall Miss Holly (f) 
Lindall Mollie Malone (f) 
Lind du Bois des Lilas (m) 
Lobuff Bare Necessities (m) 
Lobuff The Grateful Dawg (m) 
Lolly'pop du Bois des Lilas (f) 

Mailiksen Gentleman (m) 
Mallardhurn Pat (f) 
Marbra Othello (m) 
Mardas Begonia (f) 
Mardas Berberis (m) 
Mardas Bizzie Lizzie (f)  
Mardas Brandlesholme Sam's Song (m) 
Mardas Briar At Brigglebank (f) 
Mardas Brigglebank Jackanory (m) 
Mardas Brigglebank Jack The Lad (m) 
Mardas Broom (m) 
Mardas Brunberrie (f) 
Mardas Cafe Noir (f) 
Mardas Carmen (f) 
Mardas Charly Brown (m) 
Mardas Choosen Style (f) 
Mardas Clarissimo of Brandlesholme (f) 
Mardas Classically Styled (f) 
Mardas Cloth Cap and Cloggs (m) 
Mardas Clover of Lakemeadow (f) 
Mardas Country Squire (m) 
Mardas Dancing Dolly (f) 
Mardas Dancing Queen (f) 
Mardas Evening Mist (f) 
Mardas Heidi (f) 
Mardas Hot Chocolate (m) 
Mardas I Am Emma (f) 
Mardas MacKintosh (m) 
Mardas Mardi Gras (f) 
Mardas Marine (m) 
Mardas Mark-A-Way (m) 
Mardas Maroon (m) 
Mardas Master Mariner (m) 
Mardas Mayfly (m) 
Mardas May Queen (f) 
Mardas Mermaid's Style (f) 
Mardas Midnight Black (m) 
Mardas Mona Liza (f) 
Mardas Moonbeam (f) 
Mardas Moonglow (f) 
Mardas Morag JW (f) 
Mardas Morning Cloud (f) 
Mardas Mulberry Wine (f) 
Mardas Olivia (f) 
Mardas Over The Rainbow (m) 
Mardas Percy Sledge (m) 
Mardas Played Truant (m) 
Mardas Preferred Style (f) 
Mardas Sabella (m) 
Mardas Samoori (m) 
Mardas Seamus (m) 
Mardas Side Saddle (f) 
Mardas Silhouette (f) 
Mardas Silvery Moon (f) 
Mardas Simply Styled (f) 
Mardas Some Like It Hot (f) 
Mardas Styled In Black (f) 
Mardas Styled To Please (f) 
Mardas Styled With Class (f) 
Mardas Sumo Blackberry Wine (m) 
Mardas Swynol (f) 
Mardas Vivette (f) 
Martin of Mardas (m) 
Martina of Mardas (f) 
Master of Chocolate du Taillis Madame (m) 
Miramonte Daddy's Bobby Dazzler (f) 
Miramonte Moonlight Lady (f) 
Miramonte Most Welcome (f) 
Monarch's Black Arrogance (m) 
Moonlight des Bords de la Vesgre (m) 
Morningtown Stormette (f) 
Morningtown Tobla (f) 
Mr. O'Sullivan at Harrop (m) 
Muskelunge's Black Charmer (m) 
Musical's Crest of the Waves (f) 

Naiken Adisi (f) 
Naiken Eduardo Esquire (m) 
Naiken Kascade (f) 
Naomi (f) 
Oakhouse Origami (m) 
Ochremorr Hollys Heartbeat at Ravenshall 
On The Move to Oakhouse (m) 
Ouzo (m) 
Paducah Rumba (f) 
Penny Royal's Joe Batt (m) 
Penny Royal's Stop The Music (m) 
Pepper d'Auld Brig (m) 
Philipstown Artaban (m) 
Plumalie de la Plaine des Weppes (f) 
Poolstead Pincushion (f) 
Poolstead Pin-up Of Fabracken (f) 
Poolstead Pocket Picker (m) 
Poolstead Polly's Affair (f) 
Poolstead Preface (f) 
Poolstead Preferential (m) 
Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby (m) 
Poolstead Problem (m) 
Poolstead Puffin (m) 
Praline de la Plaine des Weppes (f) 
Prince d'Auld Brig (m) 
Prince de la Plaine des Weppes (m) 
Pumerang Connection with Stormley (f) 
Quivive van 't Putteken (m) 
Reanacre Mallardhurn Thunder (m) 
Receiver of Cranspire (m) 
Rivie of Clay Diggers (f) 
Rocheby Acorn (f) 
Rocheby Dark Ebony (f) 
Rocheby Oakapple (f) 
Rocheby Old Smokey (m) 
Rocheby Royal Marine (m) 
Rocheby Royal Oak (m) 
Rocheby Peppermint (f) 
Rocheby Powder Blue (f) 
Rocheby Pure Linen (f) 
Rocheby Sailing By (m) 
Rocheby Suttonpark Deacow Blue (m) 
Rocheby Whisky Mac (m) 
Rodarbal Rainbow (f) 
Rodarbal Ringleader (m) 

Sandylands Bequest (f) 
Sandylands Bramble  
Sandylands Broom (m) 
Sandylands Geannie (f) 
Sandylands Love Bug (f) 
Sandylands Mark (m) 
Sandylands My Lad (m) 
Sandylands Rip Van Winkle (m) 
Sandylands Sovereign of Suddie (m) 
Sandylands Tan (m) 
Sandylands Tandy (m) 
Sandylands Truth (f) 
Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt (m) 
Saranden Saboteur (m) 
Sebastian of Joe Batt's Arm (m) 
Secret Song of Lawnwoods (m) 
Shermill Sonja of Mardas (f) 
Special Edition of Mardas (m) 
Spiky (m) 
Squire of Ballyduff (m) 
Stormley Becky (f) 
Stormley Craftsman at Ludzska (m) 
Stormley Gabby (f) 
Stormley Mackintosh (m) 
Strongline's Flame of Fame (m) 
Sudeo Paris (m) 
Suleika's Lobke (f) 
Sweet Talk of Rocheby (f) 
Sweettrees Mary (m) 
Sweettrees' Patriot (m) 

Tabatha's Windfall Abbey (f) 
Thanks A Lot de la Legende de la Loutre (m) 
The Dog of Tintagel Winds (m) 
Tiffi van de Visvijver Hoeve (f) 
Toplicht Miracle's Mac Milan (m) 
Toplicht Sultan's Honey-miracle (f) 
Toplicht Tintagel's Honeymoon (f) 
Trendlewood Catatonia (f) 
Trendlewood You Wear It Well (m) 
Trenow Brigadier (m) 
Trinity's Titus (m) 
Tullochmohr Fly The Flag 
Ulysse of Sweetheartfellows (f) 
Union Jack of Tintagel Winds (m) 
Valour of Misty Dreams (m) 
Venus of Sweetheartfellows (f) 
Veyatie Peregrine (m) 
Viking Jorrit of Chainwindermere (m) 

Warringah's Burra (f) 
Warringah's Coolibah (m) 
Warringah's Harlech (m) 
Wetherlam Lady Macbeth of Donalbain (f) 
Wetherlam Nutcracker (m) 
Wetherlam Sheba (f) 
Wetherlam Willow Warbler of Balnova (f) 
Winnie's Copied to Match (m) 

Xanyan of Lucifer's Delight (m) 
Xavier van 't Meijelicht (m) 
Ysatis of Sweetheartfellows (m) 
Zack's Moving Light (m) 
Zelstone's Tramp (m) 

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Please e-mail us.
We'll try to retrieve them for you!
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