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Kennel Name Country/State Home Page E-mail/Phone Remarks
Acerbis Labradors Milan, Italy acerbislabradors.it acerbislabradors@acerbislabradors.it  
Altiquin Ireland altiquin.labradors.com ruthtoal@eircom.net 
+353 78 48 355
Angel's Head Belgium users.skynet,be/angels.head/ angels.head@swing.be 
+32 65 228.340
Arohanui and Semadar Labradors United Kingdom geocities.com/labrador_semadar semadar@ucb.com 
0788 1812377
Ashland Labradors Tennessee, USA ashlandlabradors.com Gordyatashland@prodigy.net 
Labradors "Aus Luehlsbusch" Hamminkeln, Germany luehlsbusch.de AusLuehlsbusch@aol.com  
Baja Labradors Illinois, USA tripod.co.uk/muddybaja sgmorse@attbi.com 
(847) 317-0021
Ballywillows Labrador Retrievers Netherlands ballywillows.com ballywillows@lycos.co.uk  
Balnova Labrador Retrievers United Kingdom balnova.co.uk avonlab@fsmail.net  
Baltan Labradors Florida, USA baltanlabs.com baltanlabs@aol.com  
Bayview Labradors Washington, USA geocities.com/bayviewlabradors1/ bayview@pugetsound.net 
BayVue Labradors California, USA bayvuelabs.com/ labs@bayvuelabs.com 
Benboee Labradors Scotland benboee.homestead.com/ benboee@hotmail.com 
07967 659 432 
01555 662787
Bercail Natal Labradors Belgium web.wanadoo.be/bercailnatal bercailnatal@wanadoo.be  
Big Canyon Kennels Idaho, USA geocities.com/dr_noelle/bigcanyon.html bigcanyonkennels@yahoo.com 
Blacksugar Labradors Belgium labradors-blacksugar.com/ info@labradors-blacksugar.com 
+32 (0) 68 33 53 24
Boothgate's Labradors Derbyshire, UK boothgates.co.uk  
Bradston's Labradors Germany bradstons.de info@bradstons.de 
04174 - 593410
Brandhams Labradors United Kingdom joebattsarm.com/brandhams Brandhams@pens.freeserve.co.uk  
Brandlesholme Labradors Lancs. UK members.tripod.co.uk/brandlesholme bernardm@onetel.net.uk  
Brigglebank Labradors Leics. UK champdogs.co.uk 01949 860235  
Brown Bank Cottage Belgium ofbrownbankcottage.be mark.moorhem@pandora.be 
Calgery Labradors New York, USA calgerylabradors.com calgerylabs@hotmail.com  
Catraz Labradors Victoria, Australia members.optusnet.com.au/~catraz/ catraz@optusnet.com.au  
C-Chase's Labradors Tennessee ,USA web.united.net/~cchaselabs/ cchaselabs@united.net  
Cedarbay Labrador Retrievers New Hampshire, USA cedarbaylabradors.com cedarbay_labs@msn.com  
Cedar Hill Retrievers Halifax, Virginia, USA cedarhillretrievers.com jfarmer@gcronline.com 
(804) 476-8097
Chablais Labrador Retrievers Quebec, Canada chablais-labradors chablais@globetrotter.net 
(418) 888-4888
Chambray Labradors Florida, USA labradorwell.com labwell@labradorwell.com  
Charm Labradors Iowa, USA geocities.com/charmlabradors fjmoser@alpinecom.net 
563 255 2561
Cherokee Labs Mahwah, New Jersey, USA website under construction labsrus@optonline.net  
Chezenko Labradors South-Africa chezenko.i8.com chezenko@hixnet.co.za  
Chocolate Labs Kansas, USA chocolatelab.net jody@chocolatelab.net 
(785) 737-2085
Copperquest Chocolates Nipomo, California, USA geocities.com/cstormyknight_2000 copperquest@webtv.net 
(805) 929-4736
Cougar Creek Labradors Washington, USA cougarcreeklabs.com/ cougarcreeklabs@peoplepc.com   
Coulee Creek Labradors Texas, USA labradorretrievers.com cclablady@aol.com 
903 846 5217
Craddock Kennels Woodbridge, Virginia, USA michele@tajapublishing.com  
CRI Labradors Rio Bonito, Brazil crilabradors.hpg.com.br burity.rlk@terra.com.br  
Croftsway Labradors South Auckland, New Zealand labrador.co.nz croftsway.labradors@xtra.co.nz  
Crystal Kennels Northern Virginia, USA crystalkennels.net crystalkennels@starband.net  
Danjac Labradors Alma, Michigan, USA geocities.com/danjaclabs danjaclabs@msn.com 
Dazzling Diamonds Labradors Netherlands dazzling-diamonds.net irmadumezgoris@zonnet.nl 
++31 (0) 523 265392
Debylyn Labradors United Kingdom champdogs.co.uk/breeder/4151.html debylyn@ntlworld.com  
Deep Run Retrievers Virginia, USA deeprunretrievers.com/ deeprunfarm@deeprunretrievers.com 
Diamond Bar Kennels Florida, USA diamondbarkennel.tripod.com/ kellytoonces@aol.com 
Dolphingham Italy dolphingham.com dolphingham@tin.it 
++ 39- 0302771384
Double D Labrador Retrievers Howard, Kansas, USA doubledlabradorretrievers.com dhyler@terraworld.net  
Doukare Labradors Nova Scotia, Canada doukarekennels.com doukarekennels@eastlink.ca  
Dovetail Labradors Johns Island, South Carolina, USA creeksidekennel.com dovetaillabs@mindspring.com 
(843) 559-8788
Dunn's Marsh Labradors Wisconsin, USA dunnsmarshlabs.com djh1@chorus.net  
Dutchman Labradors Madison, Virginia, USA dutchmanlabs.com rfinks@ns.gemlink.com  
East Coast Kennels New Jersey, USA eastcoastkennels.com eastcoastlabs@aol.com  
Eastern Labs St. Johns, Canada easternlabs.net inquiries@easternlabs.net We breed for field, family and fun
Elite Gun Dogs Utah, USA elitegundogs.homestead.com elitegundogs@aol.com 
Endless Mountain Labradors Pennsylvania, USA emlabradors.com/ bestinshow@starband.net 
Eneleon Labradors United Kingdom eneleon.co.uk zeneleon@aol.com  
Fabracken Labradors Cumbria, UK geocities.com/fabracken fabracken@btinternet.com We are a small Labrador kennel who works, show and enjoy our dogs
Fairlough Labradors Netherlands geocities.com/fairlough fairlough@zonnet.nl
Fairywoods Labradors Netherlands fairywoods.nl info@fairywoods.nl 
++31 (0)76 5602519
Fantac Labradors Florida, USA fantaclabradors.com christie@fantaclabradors.com  
Farbourne Labradors Netherlands farbourne.com info@farbourne.com 
++31 (0) 181 402800
We select on health, temperament and appearance
Fernross Labradors Cork, Ireland homepage.eircom.net/~fernross fernross@eircom.net  
Flander's Pride Belgium users.telenet.be/flanders.pride flanders.pride@village.uunet.be 
++32-03-312 08 92
Fogel Hlara Labradors Netherlands/France fogelhlara.com info@fogelhlara.com  
Forsythe Labradors Michigan, USA forsythelabs.com forsythelabs@hotmail.com  
Fortune Labradors South Carolina, USA fortunelabradors.com Fortunelabs@mindspring.com 
(843) 559-4755
Ganderhill Labradors Nevada, USA ganderhilllabs.com/ labsx6@att.net 
(775) 629-1227
Gator Point Kennels Tylertown, Mississippi, USA gatorpointkennels.com GatorPtLab@aol.com 
We specialize in breeding chocolate labs for the field
Gaytonwood Labradors Abington, Northampton, U.K. gaytonwood.co.uk gaytonwood@hotmail.com 
01604 635361
Our small kennel aims to breed working Labradors with lovely temperaments. 
Glenstar Kennels Canterbury, New Zealand labrador.net.nz labrador@clear.net.nz  
Graffiti Labradors Nevada, USA graffitilabradors.com matt-zaneta@gbis.com  
Grandquest Labradors Wellborn, Florida, USA geocities.com/gqlabs gqlabs@msn.com 
(904) 752 2147
Greenheads and Labs Arkansas, USA greenheadsandlabs.cc greenheadsandlabs@cpomail.net  
Gun Creek Labradors New York, USA guncreeklabradors.com/ info@guncreeklabradors.com 
(716) 735-6209
Helvet-Can Labradors Spain helvet-can.com lenches@terra.es  
Hennings Mill Labradors Ohio, USA henningsmill.com JGalvin635@aol.com 
(513) 724-7580
Highland Winds Labradors New Hampshire, USA highlandwindslabradors.com tertia@juno.com  
Holterhook Labradors Netherlands home.hetnet.nl/~holterhook.labradors holterhook.labradors@hetnet.nl  
Hoogmaet-Heide Belgium www.hoogmaatheide.com hoogmaatheide@telenet.be 
++32 11 542741
Humaryn Labradors Devon, UK humarynlabradors.co.uk humaryn@eurobell.co.uk 
01626 207244
Idlewild Retrievers Tennessee, USA idlewildretrievers.com LTOCCHIO@peoplepc.com  
JessieMae Kennels West-Virginia, USA webshots.com/user/jessiemaeakc jessiemaeakc@citynet.net 
Junior's Typical Kiel, Germany juniorstypical.de juniorstypical@gmx.de  
Karimar Kennels Michigan, USA karimarkennels.com karimar@voyager.net  
Killingworth Labradors Maine, USA killingworthlabs.com darlene@killingworthlabs.com 
207 369 8098
Koa Labradors Washington, USA geocities.com/koalabradors koalabs@msn.com  
Kobelco Labradors Repton, Australia ozemail.com/~kobelco kobelco@ozemail.com.au  
Labraharvest Alberta, Canada homestead.com/labraharvest labraharvest@hotmail.com  
Labztales Brisbane, Australia bmdrysdale@optusnet.com.au 
61 + 7 + 3294 6818
Ladysmith's Labradors Nice, France Ladysmith's Labradors labradors@usa.net  
Lady Upstream's Kennel  Sweden home.bip.net/ladyupstreamskennel mariejonsson@mail.bip.net
Larkspur Labradors Arizona, USA larkspurlab.com/ larkspurlabs@cox.net 
480 926 7385
Lasgarn Labradors United Kingdom labradordogbooks.co.uk richard@edwards303030.freeserve.co.uk  
Laurel Fork Labradors Virginia, USA geocities.com/laurelforklabradors parries@swva.net 
276 398 3514
Laurel Knob Labradors South Carolina, USA geocities.com/laurelknob scooper9@aol.com  
Les Labradors du Pre Lutin Belgium les-labradors-du-pre-lutin.be madeleine.michel@pi.be 
(32) 81 / 440003
Liberty Spirit's Labradors Netherlands liberty-spirits.nl sylvia@liberty-spirits.nl 
+31 (0) 546 872587
Lloran Ganol Labradors Netherlands lloranganol.nl rudolf_bloemendal@hotmail.com  
Lorken Farms Wisconsin, USA pitnet.net/ldoll loridollevoet@pitnet.net 
920 667 5215
Lyndridge Labradors New Zealand lyndridge_labradors lyndridgelabs@paradise.net.nz  
Mardas Labradors Yorkshire, UK mardaslabradors.com mardaslabradors@tiscali.co.uk 
01405 860833
Marmatida Labradors Spain lamarmatida.com mgutierrezr@nexo.es  
Mar-Moye Labradors Evans, Georgia, USA marmoye.com marmoye@bellsouth.net 
Maucan Labradors Puerto Rico users.centennialpr.net/maucanlabradors/ maucanlabs@hotmail.com 
(787) 543 5050
Maxamo Labradors Wolcott, NY, USA maxamolabradors.com akc_labs@maxamolabradors.com 
Micon Labradors California, USA miconslabradors.com MICONS@aol.com 
209 727 0315
Milowe Labradors United Kingdom milowe.co.uk Enquiries@milowe.co.uk 
01282 860623
Mirage Labradors Nevada, USA miragelabradors.com/ miragelabs@cs.com 
775 629 9377
Miramonte Labradors United Kingdom miramontelabradors.com sandra@miramontelabs.f9.co.uk 
0114 2556356
Moose Creek Kennels Ontario, Canada chocolatelabs.ca moosecreek@glen-net.ca 
Morhed Labradors Israel morhed.com namnenet@zahav.net.il  
Morningstar Labradors Aztec, New Mexico, USA geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/3741 wluce@sprynet.com 
(505) 334-3086
Morning Sun Retrievers Virginia, USA morningsunretrievers.us msunret@ntelos.net  
Mountain Made Labradors Baguio City, Philippines foggyview.homestead.com karlcoots@bgo.cyberspace.com.ph  
Of The Music Forest Breda, Netherlands ofthemusicforestlabradors.nl ofthemusicforest@wanadoo.nl  
Mysticpride Gundogs Lincolnshire, UK uk-gundogs.co.uk claire@uk-gundogs.co.uk 
01778 423291
Namur Labrador Retrievers Argentina breedingplacelabs.com breedingplace@arnet.com.ar  
Nepean Labs Czech Republic nepeandogs.com sarka.simkova@tiscali.cz  
Niagara Labs Niagara Falls, NY, USA geocities.com/niagaralabs niagaralabs@yahoo.com  
ex Nova Goa Labradors Germany ex-nova-goa.de/ info@ex-nova-goa.de 
Old Bethel Labs Tennessee, USA oldbethellabs.com oldbethellabs@aol.com  
Oldsquaw Kennels Cornwall, NY, USA oldsquawkennels.com OldsquawP@aol.com 
(845) 561-4666
Oulsmi Labradors Lancaster, UK oulsmi.co.uk oulsmilabradors@hotmail.com  
Parracino's Labs Florida, USA home.comcast.net/~suep58 suep58@comcast.net 
(352) 307 4197
Pawnpond Labradors New Brunswick, Canada pawnpond.com pawnpond@nb.sympatico.ca 
De Peppelenbosch Labradors Netherlands depeppelenbosch.nl info@depeppelenbosch.nl   
Pheasant Grove Labradors New Zealand geocities.com/pheasantgrove eggers@ps.gen.nz  
Pobiddy Kennel Thomaston, Georgia, USA pobiddykennel.com gbeeland@pobiddykennel.com 
Preton Labradors Brazil PRETONLABRADOR.COM.BR preton@plug-in.com.br   
Pyramid Woodstack Labradors Netherlands pyramidwoodstack.nl pyramidwoodstack@wanadoo.nl  
Rickway Labradors Canada rickway.freeservers.com rickway@rickway.com  
Ridgehaven Labradors Chillicothe, Ohio, USA bright.net/~andersn/ridgehaven andersn@bright.net 
Providing quality bred Labradors for home, show or field.
Rikim Labradors Victoria, Australia http://www.geocities.com/rikimlabs/ rikim@netconnect.com.au 
Riorock Labradors Colorado, USA geocities.com/riorocklabs riorocklabradors@aol.com 
Rodorbal Labradors Australia geocities.com/rodorbal malseedl@ansonic.com.au  
Roval Grail Labradors Johannesburg, South Africa jbaty@mweb.co.za 
Cellphone 0832311133
Royal Rose Labradors Florida, USA royalroselabs.com AuburnRoses@aol.com 
(909) 681-2029
Roy Black Family Belgium www.royblackfamily.be nruys@pandora.be 
+32 3666 59 29
Sadona Labrador Retrievers Colorado, USA sadonalabradors.com feather222000@yahoo.com  
Sallyjo Labradors Netherlands sallyjo.tk sallyjo.s@12move.nl 
Sandstone Retrievers Nevada, USA sandstoneretrievers.com cdye500407@aol.com 
Sarahpiens Labradors Netherlands labradorretriever.nl sarahpiens@chello.nl  
SeeMee Labrador Retrievers Netherlands seemee.nl Aline@seemee.nl  
from Service Paradise Netherlands fromserviceparadise.com info@fromserviceparadise.com  
Shadowmyst Labradors Iowa ,USA geocities.com/shadland/ shadland@lisco.net 
(641) 673-5491
Shelby Labradors Tennessee ,USA shelbylabsboxers/shelbylab/ shelbylabsboxers@peoplepc.com 
(931) 684-7767
Sherlock Labradors New York,USA sherlocklabradors.com sherlocklabs@msn.com 
(518) 731-2685
Sher-Mi Labradors Oklahoma ,USA geocities.com/shermilabs/ shermi@pldi.net  
Shiloh Labradors Colorado, USA shilohkennel.com labradors@shilohkennel.com Quality that shows because it's in the genes!
Silronray's Labradors France silronray.tk info@silronray.tk 
Smacklabs Netherlands labrador-smacklabs.nl e.botter@hetnet.nl  
Smokey Hollow Labradors Virginia, USA smokeyhollowlabradors.com jhawk37418@aol.com  
Sol D'Arena Portugal soldarena.cjb.net/ soldarena@teleweb.pt  
Spice of Life Labradors Virginia, USA spiceoflifelabs.com sollabs@ntelos.net 
Starquest Labradors Doniphan, MO, USA members.tripod.com/~starquestlabs lblack@semo.net 
(573) 996-2512
Steele Labradors Maryland, USA steelelabradors.com info@steelelabradors.com 
(410) 643-9571
Summerset Retrievers Michigan, USA breeders.net/breeder/131706 SummersetRetrievers@comcast.net 
We breed English labs
Sun Country Labrador Retrievers California, USA geocities.com/suncountrylabs SunCountryLabs@aol.com 
We breed English labs
Talimar Labradors USA talimar.com Talimarlabs@cs.com 
916-689 2549
Tara Labradors Florida, USA geocities.com/scarlett_32807 taralabradors@webtv.net 
407 281 9481
Temagami Hills Labradors Germany temagami-hills.de TemagamiHills@aol.com  
Terres Sacrées Labradors France les.terres.sacrees.free.fr/ les.terres.sacrees@free.fr/  
Thackerville's Kennel Florida & South Carolina, USA huntingretrievertraining.homestead.com thackertrainer@aol.com  
Tjotte Kåge, Sweden tjotte.com tjotte@telia.com 
+46 (0) 910 722575
Trufas Labradors Venezuela trufas@telcel.net.ve  
Twinponds Retrievers USA cafes.net/twinponds twinponds@cafes.net  
Wasatch Labradors Utah, USA wasatchlabradors.com wasatchlabs@qwest.net 
Waterstrike Retrievers Wisconsin, USA waterstrikeretriever.tripod.com dewclaw@execpc.com 
White Wing Valley Labradors Ohio, USA whitewing3.tripod.com whitewng@bright.net 
Wigwag Labradors New Hampshire, USA http://www.wigwaglabradors.com/ wigwag@adelphia.net 
Windypoint Labradors Idaho, USA geocities.com/windypoint56 kathyenye@tds.net 
Wintercreek Labradors Alberta, Canada Website under construction labs@telusplanet.net 
Woodenbridge Labradors New Brunswick, Canada woodenbridgekennel.com wobridge@nb.sympatico.ca 
(506) 344-7247
Woodhaven Labradors Michigan, USA woodhavenlabs.com laura@woodhavenlabs.com  
Xanaduz Labradors West Virginia, USA geocities.com/xanaduzlabs xanaduzlabs@hotmail.com 
of Ynraboys Kingdom Belgium users.pandora.be/of.ynraboys.kingdom petervanroye@pandora.be 
: + 32 (0)486/44.41.16
Young McSpadden Labradors  Georgia, USA  hometown.aol.com/abeeceed/myhomepage/ ABeeCeeD@aol.com 
Breeding Blacks, Yellows and Chocolates
Zack's English Labradors  Sao Paulo, Brazil  zackslabradors.com zacks@zackslabradors.com 
(11) 4703 5938 
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